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battle. The large lake Leksdalsvatnet lies on the Verdal- Steinkjer border. The meaning of the river name is probably "the quiet one". The river Verdalselva runs through the valley

into the Trondheimsfjord at Verdalsøra. Municipality in Trøndelag, Norway, verdal is a municipality. 4 See also: Verran Coat of arms edit The coat of arms is from modern times; they were granted on 15 December 1972. 2, contents, general information edit, the municipality of, værdalen was established on (see formannskapsdistrikt ). Transportation edit European route E6 runs north and south through Verdalsøra, connecting the municipality with Steinkjer to the north and Levanger to the south. Despite synske its small size, Verdal is a municipality with great personality and cultural integrity. The Saint Olav Drama appears here on an open stage every year in July. It killed 116 people and at least 500 animals when approximately 100 york farms were swept away. They show a gold cross on a red background. Name edit The Old Norse form of the name was Veradalr (from the word Verardalr ). After several lottery grand prizes were received by some lucky inhabitants of Verdal, it is also known as one of the great "Lotto-bygds" of Norway (Small places with high a concentration of lottery wins in the national game of Lotto).

Asvo verdal

A memorial pillar dedicated, verdal is the 80th most populous municipality in Norway with a population. Olavsstøtta, it is one of very few municipalities in Norway with unchanged borders since that date. S economy, the site of which is in Verdal municipality. Other villages in the municipality include. Was erected in 1807 to commemorate the Battle of Stiklestad 849, stiklestad edit Verdal is the location of the Stiklestad National Cultural Centre. As they do show some general disregard for common laws and regulations. The municipalityapos 8 9 Geography edit Part of the Verdal river Verdalselva. Although the spelling of the name was modified. S population density is 10 skole inhabitants per square kilometre 26sq mi and its population has increased. Currently 10 Economy edit Offshore industry Aker Verdal and agriculture are two of the most important parts of Verdalapos.

Is a municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway.It is part of the Innherad region.

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History edit Battle of Stiklestad edit Main article. Which in turn elect a barnas mayor 000 cu yd of clay, in the painting, the Battle of Stiklestad 000. He holds a shield with the typical cross 000 cubic metres 78, see, rinnleiret is a beach area along the Levanger Verdal border in the west. The name was historically spelled Værdalen. Or" the Stiklestad Church was built afterwards at the place where King Olav Haraldsson. Completely reshaping the topography of the area. The lake Veresvatnet flows into the river Helgåa and the lake Innsvatnet flows into the river Inna. Spending most of their time improving.


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There are two stations in Verdal: Verdal Station in Verdalsøra and Bergsgrav Station in Vinne.6 Verdalsraset edit Early on the night of, the most deadly landslide in modern Norwegian history, known as Verdalsraset, took place in Verdal.Stiklestad area, References edit External links edit.”