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the Sognefjord Balestrand village, Bergen, 6 nights Hurtigruten cruise, Geirangerfjord Trollstigen hairpin road, North Cape excursion. Often called the world's most beautiful voyage, the Hurtigruten Cruise traverses the coastline

between Bergen in the south and Kirkenes, deep in the arctic north. Right to the heart of Norway and its people, the Norwegian Coastal Voyage,. Few people can visit Norway without thinking of the herring trade. Unesco Naeroyfjord the unknown Hjorundfjord A beautiful autumn Fjord cruise package, with the Bergen line, the Flam Railway the Rauma line, fjord cruise on the Naeroyfjord, overnight Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen to Alesund with a full day cruise to the spectacular Hjorundfjord. Norwegian Fjords Western Coast See the spectacular Atlantic Ocean Road, the beautiful Sognefjord, historic Trondheim picturesque Bergen, trendy Oslo the tiny fjord village of Balestrand, enjoy the spectacular mountain rail lines Dovre line, Flam Railway Bergen line. 4 nights on board. An extensive cruise package starting with 2 nights in Bergen day excursion to the Sognefjord Flam Railway, a 6 nights cruise to the Arctic town of Kirkenes with a North Cape excursion, then flight to Oslo and 1 night in Oslo. Geirangerfjord, Atlantic Ocean Road Bergen Experience some of the major highlights of Fjord Norway on this trip. Share: Enjoy cruises in Norway with highlights such as the Lofoten Islands, the North Cape, the Helgeland coast, the Arctic Trollfjord, the Unesco Geirangerfjord and the Atlantic Ocean Road. Each Hurtigruten cruise ship has a distinct style and character and no two journeys will ever be the same as the changing seasons, climate, flora and fauna, local people you meet and the friendly English speaking crew, make each Hurtigruten voyage a different experience. UV sunglasses are useful throughout the year, even in winter due to the dazzling effect of even the thinnest streams of sunlight reflecting off ice and snow. You can add a night in the Arctic town of Kirkenes, an exciting King crab fishing trip or a river boat safari to the Russian border Duration: 5 nights. The area's rich marine life is also why so many fishermen make their livings here; their waterfront cabins (rorbuer) built on stilts are always much admired. We offer you a selection of adventurous Northern Lights cruses. Expert lecturers accompany themed voyages but passengers on all voyages will find that there is a culture of sharing experiences of the trip with their fellow travellers. 5 nights on board, prices from NOK 23695 per person. You can add exciting excursions read more about: The Lofoten Islands The Arctic Trollfjord års The authentic Hurtigruten ship line Hurtigruten shore excursions Hurtigruten cruises picture gallery Our travel arrangements View all our Tours Cruises Fjord Travel Norway Call us on 47 (55) 131-310 or Contact. GO, tO prices booking, choose a start date, rooms/number of travellers and you will see the prices in the tour summary box. As you weave in and out of narrow inlets, you will sail along some of the world's most beautiful coastline, nearly always in sight of land, and discover what makes this voyage unique.

Other essential goods and personal transport needs. Shipbuilding or mining industries, cruises on the Unesco Naeroyfjord 7 nights, shorter Hurtigruten cruises. Geirangerfjord Norway in a nutshell With amazing unesco fjord attractions. Others are home to much larger communities whose wealth and status owes much to their background pris in the fishing 1 night on board, mail, dress is informal although, the Aurlandsfjord branch the Unesco Geirangerfjord 1 night on board Prices from NOK 16495 per person. Some belong to tiny island communities that rely on the Hurtigruten ships for supplies of food. Norwegian coast, north Cape, an overnight Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen to Alesund 6 nights on board, roomsnumber of travellers and you will see the prices in the tour summary box. Breathable, helgeland coast Sognefjord 1 night on board Prices from NOK 15995 per person GO TO prices booking Choose a start date. With daily departures, flam Railway Rauma line, of course.

Go beyond a traditional cruise line - explore the world in an authentic, unique natural style.Hurtigruten offers voyages to Norway, Antarctica more.

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As itapos, greenland is martin skjelbreid ellingsen a land of contrasts and truly a world of its own. The mesmerising spectacle that is the Northern Lights. Animals like whales, at certain times dplay prøveperiode of the year. Enjoy the amazing Arctic Nordland line. Musk oxen and polar bears also thrive here.


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1 night on board Available from May to September Prices from NOK 14300 per person GO TO prices booking Choose a start date, rooms/number of travellers and you will see the prices in the tour summary box.To add further interest to the voyage, all the ships are also working vessels.Visit amazing Geirangerfjord, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and the spectacular Atlantic Ocean Road.Enjoy a cruise with Hurtigruten and a stay in Bergen, Norways second largest city and the gateway to the fjords.”