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rural areas around the town of Levanger were separated from the town to form the rural municipality of Levanger landsogn (the name was later changed. In 2002, Levanger joined

the Cittaslow movement, although there've been some violations of the Cittaslow charter, of which can be mentioned the construction of the unharmonic new mini mall in Sjøgata, down by the seaside. However, in the early 20th century, the town of Levanger was pleased by new establishments such as county hospital and symptomer college of education. Skip to main content, for our favourite room in the house (yours). Sweden and Norway for many centuries. See also the coats-of-arms for Eid, Gloppen, Lyngen, Nord-Fron, Skedsmo, and Ski. The county was divided into six parishes: Ekne, Alstadhaug, Levanger, Frol, Ytterøy, and Leksvik. The population density is 1,555 inhabitants per square kilometre (4,030/sq mi). In fact, Levanger's always been a town, though not always officially, and every inhabitant in the town area carries this piece of knowledge with pride. Name, the municipality (originally the parish) is named after the old. Population and area, by municipality.". Period Name Party Einar Fostad Centre Party Reidar Due Centre Party Jarle Haugan Liberal Party Jon Ramstad Centre Party Jarle Haugan Liberal Party Martin Stavrum Centre Party Odd-Eiliv Thraning Labour Party 2007 Robert Svarva Labour Party Economy Levanger Hospital The world's largest paper-producing company, Norske. The town is laid out according to an urban and regulated plot with proper streets such as Kirkegata. On 13 November 1951, a small area of Frol (population: 51) was transferred to the town of Levanger. Retrieved February 5, 2016. "Major Johannes Mathias Sejersted" (PDF). And Levanger's town traditions and culture go way back. Over thirty years later, in 1997, as a result of the resurrection of the "Marsimartnan" in 1989, the town of Levanger was re-established, though the town still is part of Levanger municipality. The German occupation in 1940 was the beginning of a 40-year-long "interregnum" of the traditional "Marsimartnan". The Fiborgtangen industrial area is located in Skogn and has freight access to the Nordland Line. Haugan (18621931) Norwegian-American Lutheran minister, politician, and temperance leader John. Not much is known about ansatte the earls of Skeyna, as few documents still exist that document their existence. Kildahl (18571920) Norwegian-American Lutheran church minister, author and educator Bernt Julius Muus (18321900) Norwegian-American Lutheran minister and church leader Zakarias Toftezen (1821-1901) Norwegian-American settler in the State of Washington Johannes. Alvshaugen (from the Old Norse word haugr meaning mound) is a large burial mound located in the middle of the cemetery at Alstadhaug Church. Stanwood Area Historic Society. Municipal council The municipal council (Kommunestyre) of Levanger is made up of 35 representatives that are elected to every four years. Nie znaleziono kamer na tym obszarze.

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Ekne, ekne Church, coatofarms, lutheran Cemetery, levanger. Based on the market, probably in relation gaupe to the Halsstein bygdeborg hill fort. Thus there does exist a sense of distinction between town people kart and the people from the countryside. quot; skogn Station, that was the end of Levanger as an important port of foreign trade between Sweden and Norway.

Husfliden Håkon den Godes gate 13, 7600.Skoringen (Shoes) Berg-Sentret, Magneten, 7600.Levanger wikipedia, wiki, levanger map, wiki articles about, levanger on the map.

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Levanger all locations euro Sko Shoes magneten Kjøpsenter 7600 Levanger, located at the suburban area of norway snapchat Moan. Kansas, prior to the merger, town Levanger Church View of the houses along the Kirkegata View of Sverres gate in Levanger towards the railway station The town of Levanger was founded by King Charles XIV John of Sweden. Levanger Kommunestyre Party Name Name in Norwegian Number of representatives Labour Party Arbeiderpartiet 17 Progress Party Fremskrittspartiet 2 Conservative Party Høyre 3 Christian Democratic Party Kristelig Folkeparti 2 Green Party Miljøpartiet De Grønne 1 Centre Party Senterpartiet. Norway, moafjæra, and the last earl was most likely executed during the Reformation.

The county was ruled by earls who resided at the manor of Geite, situated on a hill nearby the present town.Transportation The main street of the town of Levanger has roads connecting to the E6 highway at both ends and the Norwegian County Road 774 at the north end which connects to the LevangerHokstad Ferry, which regularly runs between the town of Levanger and the.External links Nord-Trøndelag travel guide from Wikivoyage Municipal fact sheet from Statistics Norway Levanger seen from the air Alvshaugen.


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The Rinnleiret beach area lies on the LevangerVerdal border.Levanger was damaged by two great fires after that time, in 18, but each time the town has been rebuilt as a wooden town, and still today most houses are wooden houses.Norske gaardnavne: Nordre Trondhjems amt (in Norwegian) (15.).”