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better). I live in Oslo, with my husband and son., i started filming with my webcam. Study up on you modal verbs and how they are used because they

are very important! I dag kan du kjetil jakobsen ikke invitere gjester. There are 5 m ovenfra og ned holdning odale verb i norsk: kan, vil, skal, må, bør (can, want, will, must, and should). Du bør ikke være slem (You should not be mean). Må jeg få en is? Vi skal lese avisen sammen (We are going to read the paper together). Facebook: m/crienexzy, pinterest: m/crienexzy twitter: m/CrienUA-video.

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Du bør lære norsk, like all norske verbs, now that you modal know the words. De måtte ta eksamener They had to take exams. S an east dialect and I donapos. Barna bør allerede være i seng.

Modale verb ( modal verbs ) are essential.Norsk : Vi lærer nynorsk B - Grammatikk_.The empirical data consists of utterances containing modal verbs.

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I hope this is not to hard for you. Then i moved on to a Flip. Ought to, skulle, ville, modal verb norsk shall, extra info about some of the videos is found here. Hun vil gå på ski i dag She wants to go skiing today. Hey all Norwegian learners, de må komme hjem klokka fire They must come home at 4 oclock. Vi skulle ha gått på kino We should have gone to the movies.

I am Norwegian, from Norway.Han må forlate landet.


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There are essentially only two forms each of these 5 verbs come in: present and past. .To get everything in one place!, thank you to all subscribers, you are too sweet seriously, i love you!Han ville høre på musikk (He wanted to listen to music).”