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player, though he does appear as "The Masked One". Uram the Red Uram was after the Phoenix Stone to get ultimate powers. Even if the number of Shaikan on

the battlefield is usually small, their fighting power mostly outweighs those of other nations by vaksine far. History, began a thousand years in the past with Janus Malacay, the highest alchemist at the court of the first emperor of the Northern People. 2 Blessing Caster is healed by a large amount. Shar was killed by Undergast after the medusas abandoned him for binding the medusa queen Xyallah to a rune. Circle mages Zahaar the Snake Uram the Red Yria of the Light The Piper Undergast the Weaver Silverhand, Master of Mirrors Rohen Tahir Shar of the Isles Isgrimm the Smith Raith the Black Hokan Ashir Ianna the Singer Gor the Changeling Add a photo. Cloak of Nor Renders the target entirely immune versus the black magic of the Black Towers. At the, howling Mounds the rune warrior found a human corpse in the northwest of the island. 6 Summon Earth Elemental Summons an Earth Elemental. Persons, known characters who belongs to Shaikan race. 13 Chain Iceburst (SotP) A variation of the Ice Burst spell that can jump from target to target. It's worth mentioning that Raith also had contentions with Hokan. Location of Cassius Demer's hva corpse, location of Fayt in Leafshade. The ability trees, there are four magic schools which each have three specializations. After the Convocation The reborn circle attempts fuse Hokan and Belial Hokan Ashir was resurrected by the Mask of Belial which was brought to his grave in Whisper by a Rune Warrior. Within each generation Malacay's soul chooses one Shaikan for his soul to manifest itself. 13 Summon Ice Golem (SotP) Summons an Ice Golem. The Dark Elves call them Shaikan, which means both godless and free. Level Name and effect Picture 1 War Cry Caster and allies get a moderate damage boost for short time.

Also called the kokmalt kaffe Circle Mages, these dragon warriors are great fighters and commanders. All the circle mages except for these two Rohens were annihilated by their own spells during the Convocation 4 Illuminate Enlightens the area and makes unveils hidden objects and units. Rohen also mentioned that his orc army engaged in battle with a human army during the Convocation. Ancestors and which created a substance full of vital forces 4 Greater Healing Heals an allied target for lots of health.

The Circle is a name given to the 13 most powerful mages on Eo, also called the Circle Mages.They were to preserve the peace between the races and research Magic for the well being of everyone.Their home was the once powerful city of Mulandir.

2 Hallow Deals massive damage over time to undead. The fighting between Hokan and Uram was the most terrible and all the lands around Mulandir were deserted in this war. When not having enough mana reserves the character is unable bihulebetennelse to cast new or to sustain channeled abilities 6 Summon Ice dagens strømpris Elemental Summons an Ice Elemental. Though it seems that during the Convocation wars every mage was battling all others. That he had been looking for a friend called.

And under the bondage of the Circle, their armies unleashed death and destruction.Zahaar the Snake Zahaar was a sorcerer of the Norcane and the second dark elf in the Circle.


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The blood of a Shaikan does not seem to have restrictions on who it can cause to become Shaikan.This dichotomy captures and describes the life of these dragon warriors so accurately that they adopted this description as their own name over time.Fire Fire magic is an aggresive magic, mainly used in the destruction of enemies.He was a powerful Elemental mage, especially in the area of conjuring earth elementals.”