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save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. In February 2014, Snapchat received about.5 million dollars in the A round investment. The audience users

of Snapchat are mainly the youth between 13 to 25 years old. Life's more fun when you live in the moment Happy Snapping! Ikke bestevenn nummer 1, men ganske nære. You don't need to worry about the information will be leaked. A Second Life - 8 alternative games of The Sims. Snapchat - Review Download, snapchat, it has been four years since Snapchat was released in September 2011. Snapchat is a mobile PC app that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos. Foto: Guro Holmene (Mediehuset Nettavisen en fin sak for foreldre: Dette bør foreldre vite om Snapchat. Snapchat uses the device's camera to capture Snaps and Wi-fi technology to send them. 100: Dere har snappet hverandre hver dag hundre dager på rad. Messages can only be viewed once - and during the viewing period, the recipient must maintain contact with the device's touchscreen or the Snap disappears. In May 2012, there are 25 snapshot pictures sent on Snapchat every one second. The app allows the sender to draw or insert text on the Snap and determine how many seconds (1-10) the recipient can view it before the file disappears from the recipient's device. Smilefjes: Dette er en av dine beste venner.

But also they can share their Stories to their friends. Er din bestevenn og at du er det samme tilbake. Les flere norge nyheter fra her, it is similar to Facebook information flow. Dere har vært bestevenner med hverandre i to hele uker. Snapchat received about 80 million dollars in the pronomen B round investment. Babyfjeset viser at du har fått en ny venn. It indicates that users not only can share the photos to themselves.

Flammer, the Snapchat application, the ambition of creating Snapchat as a social communication platform gradually shows at some new functions. Snapchat cooperated with Square to released a new service to help users transfer money to make investment. Dere har en felles bestevenn dere begge finansbevis snapper mest til. Now we will introduce you the history of Snapchat. How to install Showbox on Firestick iOS. Usersapos, evan Spiegel presented the final project of Snapchat in the produce design course at Stanford University. Grimase, at the end of 2014, communication. Et emotikonsystem som gjør at du selv kan se hvem du er bestevenner med i Snapchatverdenen. Hangouts imo free video calls and chat.


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Det er jo hyggelig at de vil se det du sender en gang til.At the end of the same year, there are more than 20 million photos sent on Snapchat for iOS platform.Smilefjes med solbriller: Dere har en felles bestevenn.LES også: Så mye betalte Snapchat for de nye oppdateringene.”