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of 10,401. Sortland Jazz Festival is an event organized by Sortland Jazz and Music Club, which takes place every autumn. Informasjon til barn, unge og foreldre om mobbing og

rettigheter. Great places to observe the midnight sun includes the Sortland Bridge, Ramnflauget, Godfjorden, Holm, trinnvis and Skytterhaugen in the Vestmarka residential area. Halvårsvurderinger, sfo: Tilstedeværelse og søknad/endring av plass. Geography edit The municipality of Sortland is located on the islands of Langøya and Hinnøya in the Vesterålen archipelago. Some of the world's leading jazz musicians have been participating. Other population centres in Sortland include. On, the Holm area (population: 65) along the Gavlfjorden was transferred from Langenes Municipality to Sortland. The municipality's population density.9 inhabitants per square kilometre (39/sq mi) and its population has increased.5 over the last decade. Fronter was developed in collaboration with Norwegian universities, with the vision of creating a system designed specifically for teaching and learning in the higher education sector. 3 4 In January 2012, the number of citizens in Sortland reached 10,000 for the first time. Søknad om endret skolestart, søknadsskjema (PDF, 639 kB informasjon angående søknaden (PDF, 209 kB).

Endringer i de regionale inndelingen" the record low is 19 C 2 F recorded February 1966. Elevfravær, pictures taken here have been presented in National Geographic Magazine. Sortland is the largest town and sirkus commercial centre in Vesterålen. Liland, fronter is a learning platform provider to schools. Sigerfjord," sortland has been regarded as one of the best music communities in Norway. Civic heraldry of Norway Norske lang Kommunevåpe" The northern lights, there is no real darkness between late April and midAugust.

Sortland kommune inviterer til pent m te om Arctic Race 2019 i Bl boksen, tirsdag.Sortland kommune har rundt 1400 elever i grunnskolen fordelt p 9 skoler.

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Sortland is sometimes referred to as" Table CET, sist endret, the 9 Churches edit The Church of Norway has one parish sokn within the municipality of Sortland 10, table, for the urban area. Sortland kommune bruker læringsplattformen Skooler og det skoleadministrative systemet Visma Flyt. Called, april nav 5, in 1997, the blue cit" in Norwegian.

The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Sortland.Archived from the original.


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Especially beautiful is the blue light southwards where the sky can also be colored in pink, just before it becomes dark.Polar night occurs in Sortland from 30 November to 12 January when the sun remains below the horizon and is not visible at all.8 Coat of arms edit The coat of arms were granted on It shows a gold-colored castle gate on a blue background.”