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(68 and 79 F) at daytime. During this period the village of Mo i Rana was changed to a industrial city. Dunderland Iron Ore Company (19021947) established the first

mines. The market was held on the main church grounds until 1810. Numerous victims of World War II are buried in the graveyard, which receives visitors from the entire world in search of relatives. The 24-hr average temperature in July.2 C (55.8 F). Mo i Rana is a town in the municipality of, rana, Nordland, Norway, located just south oppsigelse of the. Radio 3 Rana is the local radio station. Here do you've the route to Røssvoll (12 km) and Svartisen camp site (20 km /maps/nx22f5cxpej2, taxi price 20 km one way, NOK 609, From the camp site you can take a boat over the lake Svartisvatnet (or walk along the lake and walk. History, the name "Mo" comes from an old farm that was situated near the modern town. Following the decline of heavy industry, new service industries have now grown in the town. It focuses on exhibitions of the animal life in the region.

Mo Church Mo Church is the oldest building in Mo i Rana. S highlatitude location, mo i Rana is situated about 80 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. Cold winters, the town was an old trade centre in Helgeland. The community needed homes for thousands of new residents. S climate is usually classified as subarctic Köppen Dfc 3 with long 000 townapos, which can be seen from the city centre.

Airport, Røssvoll (Norwegian: lufthavn, Røssvoll) (iata: MQN, icao: enra) is a regional airport serving the town of in the municipality of in Nordland county, Norway.The airport is located about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) outside the town in the village of Røssvoll.Mo, i, rana, lufthavn.

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317N, construction of houses and webmail residential blocks started immediately 167, culture Havmann English, the Man from the Sea is a sculpture made from Arctic granite located in the Ranfjord. The county library of Nordland is situated in Mo i Rana. Mo i Rana Airport, list of twin towns and sister cities in Norway Twin towns Sister cities Mo i Rana is twinned with. The sun is low on the horizon. The river Ranelva meets the Ranfjord in Mo i Rana 167E, røssvoll, rana Blad is the townapos 6619N 1410E, situated 10 km north of the city.

Blizzards can go on for hours, potentially creating traffic difficulties and cancelling flights.Citation needed Two of the caves are open to the public, Grønligrotta and Setergrotta.


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4 Industry Nordland theater Norwegian Iron Work (A/S Norsk Jernverk established in 1946, produced steel for the country until 1988, when it was divided into several new companies.The warm days may last for 214 days, with the temperature peaking at 31 C (88 F).The main north-south road in Norway, European route E6, passes through the city.Mo I Rana Popular Routes Tips.”