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practices, now they call it being 'ethical'. Fashion makes our world weary, with its exploitation of people the planet, and lack of good sense shameful negligence. Enhancing United's

ability to keep the ball, the Belgian was seemingly winning every duel. The Greenpeace Detox Manifesto is a concrete step that will engage many important players in the fashion and textile industry. Di Maria: 7 An improvement as he added pace on the counter attack threatening Arsenals defence, as he looked better in a more central position. He was a physical presence on the pitch as well as keeping possession very well.

Healthy people, fashion is sold on beautythe fabricthe colorthe modelthe sex. Very early on in the game. My sei man, which meant that Arsenal were creating many chances. Having said that though, this team was a team set out to win and Van Gaal has shown that the style of play is not important as the 3 points. Collaboration is the key 7 Another very good performance from him showing that he has high potential. No matter how difficult it is for the fashion industry to change their methods they will be thanked and lauded for doing. He also scored a beautiful goal. The wool must be lifted from these eyes of adornment so wisdom can once more guide sandvika our ways to protect the very heart of our being both in nature and physical. I am not willing to live with e you.

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Buyers, we vareide must all subscribe to life changing solutions to safeguard our environment. This Manifesto is key to implementing the change we all need designers. We work very closely with Greenpeace in Japan. We did not manage deler to keep a clean sheet as Giroud took a really powerful shot which ended up in the net. They failed to convert their attempts to goals with former red Danny Welbeck erratically failing to live up to expectation. Ambassador for Ethical Fashion Forum and madeBY Nature is an endless source of inspiration. Fashion is an inherently creative and artistic art form yet it is becoming known for all the wrong reasons.

Marouane Fellaini's presence was much more notable after the interval, and was a force to reckoned with aerially.My aim is to convince the everyday shopper that we must learn to take an interest and be aware of what we are buying.Little emphasis is placed on the manufacturing and composition of the garments.


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We know that we shouldn't be poisoning it and we're smart enough to find a way to find non-toxic methods of dyeing fabric, so let's get on with.Rooneys sublime finish makes him the highest goal scorer against Arsenal as he is currently in very good form.Creative Director, Eco Age Ltd., The Green Carpet Challenge, collaboration, creativity and common sense shape true modern style via the Detox Fashion Manifesto.Unfortunately for Arsenal, Antonio Valencia was there to drive a low and powerful shot which deflected off of Kieran Gibbs into the open Arsenal net.”